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A workplace giving campaign is an important way for employers to offer their employees the ability to support charities important to them, their communities and the company. An open strategic choice campaign gives employees the opportunity to donate through payroll deduction to charities that resonate for them. Companies find that employees want to support charities they care about at the work place. Offering strategic choices not only encourages greater giving, but also increased participation rates.

Support to your company

By deciding to run a workplace giving campaign with strategic choices a company has taken the first important step toward creating greater philanthropy at the workplace and working to involve more employees in the campaign. The American Cancer Society can work with your company to help determine charitable choices reflective of your employees interest and that help align corporate and employee engagement goals. Additionally, we help design an overall marketing plan for the campaign, including materials, web content and messaging.

Choice is desired now

Nearly 70% of Fortune 1000 companies offer an employee giving program at the workplace and over 70% of employees want choices within their campaign.

Offering strategic choices in a workplace giving campaigns can help increase overall participation rates and average gifts, thus increasing giving overall to the community.

Companies decide which charitable choices to offer in a campaign by surveying employees, looking at where employee choose to volunteer, matching company philanthropic goals, and examining organizations also supporting the company and it’s employees.

Features and Benefits

Enhance your brand image

The American Cancer Society is the largest voluntary health organization in the world with 96-percent brand name recognition. Leveraging the American Cancer Society brand with your own provides significant opportunities to influence consumer behavior and employee loyalty. Health, and specifically cancer, are leading concerns for employees and consistently asked for as choices in workplace giving campaigns.

Boost employee morale

People appreciate the actions of a caring employer that respects employee interests.Offering choices for giving is viewed as employee focused and directed. By giving employees the opportunity to support the American Cancer Society, your company will meet the interests of employees while helping fund cancer research, education, advocacy and services.

Help in the fight against cancer

People choose to give to the American Cancer Society because they want to make a meaningful contribution to a cause they believe in. By also offering a company match to their generous gifts, your company can give employees the power to increase the impact of their giving, which contributes to increases employee participation rates.

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