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Make your employees' contributions to the fight against cancer go even further to help save lives by doubling their donations.

What is a Matching Gift?

By matching your employees’ generous gifts to the American Cancer Society, your company can give them the power to increase the impact of their giving. Because approximately 1.4 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year, it is increasingly important to more and more people that they get personally involved in the fight against the disease. People across the country and around the world are looking for a way to fight back against cancer and one day end it for good.

Why include the American Cancer Society in your matching gift program?

Every dollar provided to the American Cancer Society goes toward eliminating cancer as a major health problem. Since 1947, the Society has invested more than $3 billion in lifesaving cancer research that yields groundbreaking discoveries into cancer’s causes and cures. The organization also saves lives every day by educating and empowering people to reduce their risk of cancer, by helping people facing cancer make decisions and overcome obstacles in their personal fight, and by helping pass laws that fight cancer and rallying communities to join our fight.

How does it work?

Gift matching procedures vary from company to company. Some companies use a vendor to process matching gift requests and others manage internally. Most follow the simple steps below:

  1. An employee gets a matching gift form from it's employer, usually from the human resources department.
  2. After completing the form, the employee either turns in the form to their employer who then requests proof of donation from the American Cancer Society, or sends in the form along with their gift to the ACS.
  3. The American Cancer Society verifies the gift has been made and returns the form, or requests for confirmation, to the company or company's vendor.
  4. The company verifies eligibility of the employee and the American Cancer Society and sends the matching gift donation to the charity.

What can you expect?

Making a charitable gift to the American Cancer Society is an important personal decision and people appreciate a caring employer who supports a cause they believe in. Company support of a common cause with employees can improve job satisfaction and increase loyalty while helping fund vital work to help people stay well and get well, and to find cures and fight back against cancer.

To contact the American Cancer Society on matching gifts please click here.

Features and Benefits

Corporate Citizenship

Through a matching gift program, a company is able to promote its corporate image at a low cost and complement the goals of their strategic philanthropic plan. The American Cancer Society has more than three million active volunteers in 3,400 communities with presence in every state. By including the American Cancer Society in your company’s matching gift program you will be making a commitment to a cause that affects the majority of your employees.

Boost employee moral

A matching gift program can be an employee benefit as well as a gesture of support and appreciation from company leadership. By respecting and reinforcing the preferences of company employees, a company can increase moral organization wide.

Flexible giving

Matching gift programs are flexible. Companies can design them to meet a variety of objectives – to encourage their employees to make charitable contributions to causes important to themselves or to those supported by the company.

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