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Because the American Cancer Society aims to be a global leader in cancer control, we are working with companies and health care professionals around the world to create prevention and early detection programs. By joining us in the global fight, you become part of a network of other companies that understand the importance of socially responsible efforts that help diminish unneeded suffering and save lives.

What are the Society’s international programs?

Global cancer rates are increasing at an alarming rate – by 2010, cancer will be the leading cause of death worldwide. Yet of the 12 million global cancer cases annually, one-third are preventable and another third are treatable if detected early. A key factor in rising cancer rates is that many low- and middle-income countries lack access to cancer information and prevention, early detection, and treatment. As the largest and most experienced voluntary health agency in the world, the American Cancer Society is a global leader in addressing the growing cancer burden, with multi-year engagements and an on-the-ground presence in more than 20 countries. The American Cancer Society fights cancer through advocacy, capacity building, and information. Our goal is to share knowledge and foster demand for cancer control by engaging both public and private sector leaders and building regional expertise in effective cancer control practices. With your support of the American Cancer Society, we can reduce the tragic and needless human loss as well as the staggering economic loss of the disease. In the United States alone, cancer costs corporations an estimated $34 million a year. Around the world, tobacco use drains $500 billion from the global economy, exceeding the total annual expenditure on health in all low- and middle-resource countries.

How do the programs work?

While many of the American Cancer Society’s efforts have a global impact, our regional focus ensures a sustainable impact where there is the greatest likelihood of reducing the cancer burden. Among the programs we offer are:

  • American Cancer Society University, a unique capacity-building program that has trained more than 650 cancer control professionals from more than 80 countries
  • International Relay For Life®, the global extension of the event held in 5,000 communities throughout the United States which gives people in 20 countries a venue to celebrate those who have survived cancer, remember those we have lost, and fight back so that one day cancer is eliminated
  • The Tobacco Control Leadership Academy, a tobacco control initiative that helps identify and develop new tobacco control leaders
  • Global workplace programs that communicate lifesaving cancer prevention messages and tobacco cessation interventions in India and China
  • Media summits, consisting of workshops and trainings designed to help educate journalists on the global cancer and tobacco burden

What can you expect?

When you join the American Cancer Society’s global fight against cancer, you join a network of other companies worldwide that realize the importance of helping improve people’s quality of life and build sustainable community health. We also help foster goodwill in any international locations where you’re doing business by working cooperatively with local public health leaders, employees, governments, and the media.

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