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Freshstart® is a group-based tobacco cessation support program offered by the American Cancer Society.

What is Freshstart?

Freshstart is designed to help employees plan a successful quit attempt by providing essential information, skills for coping with cravings, and group support. To implement the support program, a representative at your company must first complete Freshstart facilitator training. Following the completion of the training, your company can access the program materials and begin offering employees the most up-to-date guidelines on how to overcome their nicotine dependence. The information, activities, and discussions will help your employees discover why they smoke and what motivates them to quit.

How does it work?

Freshstart incorporates the most current guidelines for tobacco cessation support into four face-to-face group support sessions.

The Freshstart evidence-based approach is geared to help participants increase their motivation to quit, learn effective approaches for quitting and guide them in making a successful quit attempt. The evidence-based components of Freshstart include:

  • Motivational intervention activities
  • Practical counseling (problem solving skills)
  • Social support
  • Education about medication and approaches to quitting

Employees choose a combination of techniques and cessation treatments they will use in their quit attempt. Employees also make an informed choice about which techniques they will use in making their quit attempt, such as cold turkey, scheduled smoking, medications, tapering, etc.

What can you expect?

Smoking is a major cause of cancer, heart disease, bronchitis, emphysema, and stroke. These serious illnesses greatly reduce employee productivity. By introducing the American Cancer Society Freshstart program to your company, you not only help reduce the number of employees who smoke but also help reduce your company’s health care costs and increase productivity.

To learn more about the American Cancer Society Freshstart program and how your company can start using it to support your employees, please click here to contact us.

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Features and Benefits

Enhance your brand image

The American Cancer Society is the largest voluntary health organization in the world, with 96 percent brand name recognition. Leveraging the American Cancer Society brand with your own provides significant opportunities to influence employee behavior.

Boost Employee Morale

Tobacco use is a leading cause of workers' lost production time - greater than alcohol abuse or family emergencies. Quitting smoking or even just cutting back, improves' productivity. Everyone benefits when the air is cleared of secondhand smoke - workers become healthier, healthier workers miss less work, all are more productive and have lower health care costs.

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