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Content Subscription Service is an Online Resource of Health Awareness and Cancer Information for Helping Employees Stay Well and Get Well

What is the Content Subscription Service?

Through the Content Subscription Service, the American Cancer Society offers employers free electronic toolkit subscriptions that support the health and wellness needs of employees with information about cancer prevention and early detection. As an employer, you know that healthy employees live longer, feel better, are more content and productive, require fewer sick days, and help keep health care costs down. Fortunately, your organization has the power to provide your employees with valuable information and resources to help them make healthy lifestyle choices and assist them in staying well and reducing their risk of cancer.

How does it work?

The American Cancer Society Content Subscription Service offers toolkits and materials designed for any size business or organization. Distributed in advance of the National Health Observance Calendar, the Society’s online subscription service can be used by your human resources, internal communications, and wellness departments to implement a variety of health and cancer awareness campaigns and show employees that you are committed to helping them stay well and get well. To begin receiving the Content Subscription Service, your company will need to subscribe to the service.

What can you expect?

After connecting with an American Cancer Society staff person and subscribing to the service, you can expect to receive seven emails over the course of one year, notifying you when a new toolkit has been released.  You can download the leadership message, easily use the promotional content in your own health communications, and use the designed flyer to promote cancer screening and early detection.

To learn more about the American Cancer Society Content Subscription Service and how your company can start receiving it, please click here to contact us.

Features and Benefits

As a subscriber, you can use your own communication tactics such as company intranet sites, email blasts, and newsletters to distribute and promote information contained in the toolkits to your employees. The toolkits include:

  • Customizable message that can be sent from a member of the company leadership to employees.
  • Messages and content that includes suggestions and ideas to help promote general awareness.
  • Promotional fliers and other collateral materials.
  • Featured podcasts, recipes, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
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